A Weekend in Dublin

The Irish capital is located on the east coast of the island and is a great destination for a short city trip. To be honest, Dublin is not the cheapest vacation spot. However, thanks to budget flights and affordable hostels, the expenses can be kept at bay.

Dublin offers a variety of sights and leisure activities. One of them is – of course – the vibrant nightlife. Temple Bar, the most famous part of town, is located south of the river Liffey. This neighborhood is filled with lively pubs and great restaurants. Locals and tourists celebrate together to authentic Irish live music.

Besides the famous nightlife, Dublin offers a range of wonderful sights. A Dublin trip is not complete without a visit to the statue of Molly Malone, which can be found on Grafton Street. The song of the beautiful fisherwoman Molly Malone is the unofficial anthem of the city. Another must-see are Trinity College and Trinity College Library. The prestigious university was established in 1592 and ranks amongst the best school in the world. After sunset, when most of the tourists are gone, the campus is softly illuminated. Other notable sights are the St. Patrick’s Cathedral, the National Museum and Dublin Castle.

Trinity College, Dublin

And then there is the breathtaking Irish landscape! If you want to get a glimpse of the iconic Irish scenery, visit Phoenix Park. It is one of the largest urban parks in Europe and includes a Zoo and numerous monuments. During a stroll through the park, you will most likely encounter beautiful wild animals. Since the 18th century the park is home to a herd of wild deer.

Dublin is a perfect destination for a short city break: It combines a rich history with a vibrant atmosphere and beautiful scenery. Is Dublin on your 2018 travel bucket list? Have you already been there?





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I am 25 years old and in my last year of university, studying towards a degree in international management. During my studies, I lived two years abroad, in three different countries: Finland, Spain and the Netherlands. Along my way I saw amazing cities, beautiful landscapes and I met wonderful people. People who made those strange, unfamiliar places feel like home.

However, living abroad can be tough as well. When I first arrived in Madrid I barely spoke Spanish and let’s be honest, Spanish people are not known for awesome English language skills. Within the first couple of days I had to find a flat, register and open a bank account. It wasn’t easy but everything worked out just fine.

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